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The GymKidz Physical Development Programme was specially developed to meet the expectations of Asian Parents and sets itself apart from other Physical Play Programmes in that it is a structured programme to meet the Learning Outcomes and Desirable Goals for each pre-school child.

Recognizing the need for a quality physical development programme that can not only be taught in a single location but also be easily brought to pre-schools to complement and bring value to the pre-school establishments concerned, the founder of Kids @ Play, Ee Siew Kiat formulated the GymKidz Goes to School! Programme to meet such a need.

The GymKidz programme was brought to schools in May 2006 and has spread all over Singapore since then with about 5,000 participants in 100 schools, a lot of which include leading brand names in Singapore Pre-School Education. To date, the GymKidz Physical Development Programme is or will be soon available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and China with more countries to come in the near future.

The GymKidz trademark is owned and operated by Kids @ Play Pte Ltd.

Our Vision

To be the preferred provider of a comprehensive and holistic physical development programme which nurtures children into persons of confidence and character. Through a structured and purposeful play curriculum, GymKidz develops children’s core skills to fulfill their potential and to be equipped for the future world.

Our Mission

A dedicated team of skillful and passionate GymKidz staff, specialized in conducting fun and exciting programmes in a safe, conducive environment to develop the MIND, BODY and CHARACTER of the young child.

Our Core Values

  • Team Player
  • Passionate
  • Patient
  • Reliable
  • Respectful
  • Motivated

Founder’s Message

The wonders that children bring to this world are way beyond words. Every educator knows and believes that each little tyke that enters the school doors holds within him bundles of abilities and skills that could make a huge difference in this world. How a child learns and develops will always leave everyone in awe as they grasp knowledge and skills in many various ways; some just by looking and observing (visual), others by listening to words and sounds (auditory), while others need to move, involve and experience it themselves in order to learn (kinaesthetic). However different children may be to each other, whether in age, race and personality, they all speak and learn in the same language …and that is PLAY.

Play is synonymous to Children for it always comes naturally as breathing to them. It is their precious time to express themselves and be who they are with the least amount of resistance, pressure and limitations. Involving imagination, creativity and fun when playing is their way of understanding themselves, others and the whole world around them, which makes Play an excellent and most effective learning approach in imparting knowledge, enhancing skills and building character in each child. If one is to write down all the ways on how Play benefits a child, the list will be long and endless. Play is a child’s world, Play is a child’s work, and Play is the best way.

Having been involved and received training in pre-school physical development in England since 1986, I have come to realize that expectations of Caucasian and Asian parents differ. Following that, we have developed the GymKidz Physical Development Programme to be a structured, progressive and thematic programme with Learning Objectives and Desired Outcomes.

Parents and schools are kept informed beforehand through our Programme Objectives which will inform them of what the children will be doing for the next Lesson Plans and Evaluation Reports that will track the child’s progress. With a Framework and Curriculum which is always being improved upon, the GymKidz Physical Development Programme has successfully contributed to Developing MIND, BODY and CHARACTER of young children in Asia.

–  Mr Ee Siew Kiat, founder of GymKidz

Our People

Mr. Ee Siew Kiat was a Licensee for a well-known Physical Play Programme from England from 1986 to 1996, where he operated a number of play centres in Singapore. After having been successful in operating one of the biggest centres in Singapore, Mr. Ee was offered a position as an Operations Manager in the regional head office of the Franchisor. He was later promoted to the position of Technical Director (Asia Pacific) responsible for all the centres in the Asia Pacific region. He left the Franchisor in 2004. He spent the next 2 years studying the various aspects of child development and started GymKidz in 2006.

Mrs Irene Ee, like Mr Ee, was a Licensee for a well-known Physical Play Programme from England from 1986 to 1996, and oversaw the operations in a number of play centres in Singapore. Mrs Ee also operated her own pre-school, providing an enriching and fulfilling curriculum to the children under her care. Due to her vast experience in curriculum planning and logistical operations, Mrs Ee continues to be an advisor for the GymKidz operations in Singapore.

Dr Ee Thiam Hee Gary (Ph.D) is an alumnus of the Faculty of Science in the National University of Singapore where he was awarded an Honors Degree (Second Upper Division) in Biomedical Sciences. He returned to the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine of his alma mater where he completed his doctoral thesis in Microbiology in 2011 and was subsequently conferred his doctorate the following year. After authoring several scientific and academic articles, he joined Kids @ Play as our Special Projects Manager. For our international partners he is a liaison for media and information technology. He is also responsible for the development of new programs and products leveraging on his expertise in the sciences.

Nurhayati (better known as Yati) graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic Singapore in 2004 with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She has more than 5 years of teaching experience in preschool context. She has been conducting physical development programs over the past 6 years at various childcare, kindergarten centres as well as primary school modules. She is also equipped with Pre-school Psychology and Development Training which was certified by the Training Board of GymKidz Singapore, including a First Aid Certified in Infant-Childcare Personnel. She is also the Master Trainer for GymKidz and has conducted numerous training workshops for all levels of staff. She believes that children learn best through exposure and opportunities. With the added guidance and support from adults, it makes learning more fun and enjoyable.